Salinity Science Seminar (FOR1740 and CCI+SSS User Meeting)

The"Salinity Science Seminar"  will take place in Hamburg, Germany  from 26 to 27 September, 2019.

This Meeting will be a joint effort of the University of Hamburg and the LOCEAN and will focus on actual research and bring together recent expertice of data assimilation and salinity processes based on models and ocean salinity observations as well as validation studies and feedback regarding the new CCI+SSS product.

Please  click here to download the latest version of the Salinity Science Seminar Agenda.

The seminar will take place in the Institute of Oceanography, University of Hamburg. Travel informations and hotel recommendations can be found here.

For logistic reasons you are kindly requested to register by latest 23 August for the Seminar. Click here to register.

If you want to have access to the latest version of the CCI+SSS data set please contact  julia.koehler(at)

This version is a preliminary version issued for evaluation purposes by voluntary scientists and for framing future CCI+SSS products. This product has not been fully validated yet and may contain flaws. In case you discover some, we are very keen to get your feedback. You can give feedback either via mail or via the online user feedback form.


Institute of Oceanography
Bundesstr. 52
20146 Hamburg

Ground floor - Room 22/23 and Room 24